Perfectly curate a seamless and productive getaway. 


We design bespoke retreats for your team and your needs. Whether it’s a facilitated weekend or a week long team-building, we can create a program that delivers the outcomes you are committed to achieving. Trying to come up with your next big idea? Prepare a team for next quarter's challenges? Build trust and connection between co-workers?
Give your team a well deserved break? 

Our retreat leaders are team building experts, yoga and wellbeing practitioners, MCs and coaches - and ready for anything that might be thrown at them. Let us craft an event schedule that will create and facilitate an effective and enjoyable an experience for everyone. 

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"The retreat had a great flow to it - they had obviously put a lot of thought and effort and energy into the sequence of events, the storyline of events we were to experience.
force, without pressure, a group of more or less total strangers were allowed to gently, softly, safely melt away our outer shells and come together for an honest, humbling, courageous, happy, fun, loving, juicy, delicious shared experience.
Not sure if any of this makes sense to the outsider, but all I can say is, you need to experience this for yourself."
- Sidsel Henriksen, retreat participant


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